We provide highly specialised therapy for substance and behavioural addictions, including concurring mental health issues.

Our QLP Addictions Program is suitable for individuals, couples, families and teenagers. We only accept ONE client, couple or family at a time.

In other words, there is only YOU and those you choose to bring with you on your amazing journey of discovery.

Addiction is a complex phenomenon and needs to be treated with the respect it deserves. It comes in many shapes, forms and for many different reasons.

It affects a multitude of aspects of the individual and their loved ones. For some, it is a rapid process; for others, it is a gradual deterioration.

We do not think that addiction is a moral weakness. We view it as normal human behaviour. We are not blinded by the label: Addict. We see the human being behind the label.

Nobody wants to be in chronic physical or emotional pain. Nobody wants to feel trapped. Nobody wants to feel haunted. Most of all nobody wants to walk around disliking themselves.

Alcohol, drugs, sex, workaholic or whatever ways you found to help you to cope and to keep going. It has served its purpose but now it is time to heal and to set yourself free.

During your program we will work on all these issues, and much more, in the exquisite and soothing surrounding of the resorts,

We know from professional and personal experiences addictions can be overcome.

We believe unequivocally in you. Take a leap of faith, a quantum leap. Reclaim YOU and master your mind.