Yvonne-Arusha Schol

Addictions Specialist.
Dip., Cert. Psychotherapy, Amsterdam, Leiden, The Netherlands,(Gestalt, MI, Rogerian, Jungian), Internationally licenced by Hazelden/Bettyford clinics, USA. Cert. Iyengar Yoga-teacher, London.

Yvonne-Arusha Schol is specialized in working with addictions-family-related disturbances. She has broad internationally experiences. She worked and studied in The Netherlands, England, France, USA, Australia and Asia.

As an experienced ‘yogi’ for over 35 years she truly believes in the body-mind-soul concept. Through her own life’s journey, she has encountered many setbacks, (family)-crisis and trauma. From personal and professional experiences she knows to go inside rather than hope for solutions from the outside brings peace and love. Love of self is the best healer.

“In my humble opinion the solution for the start of a great journey is to find the connection to your own heart. Recovery is a journey and ongoing process”. She will guide you through this journey with compassion and adapts the therapy whenever needed. In her work she uses psychotherapy, bodywork, exploring spirituality and uncover past trauma, family-relations and find healing in the process.