Carolien Stikker

Integrative Psychotherapist
Dip. Integrative Psychotherapy

Carolien Stikker has an integrative approach to psychotherapy that involves various methods and takes into account differing experiences and outlooks on life. In addition to psychotherapy, she has developed a walking-therapy that adds insight through movement and the body.

In her psychotherapy practice she draws from different experiences. It is informed by her art practice and teaching art, as much as it is by her dedication to walking.

“In therapy as well as in art, we question things differently to confront fixed ideas that sometimes hold us back in finding creative solutions to our problems.

Teaching art requires paying close attention and requires empathy in order to guide someone to realise their goals.

Through the simple act of walking, we learn to trust our bodies and use movement to untangle thoughts and resolve them in new ways.”

Carolien had a successful career as a fine artist.  5 years ago she started to look for new ways to use her talents in observation, creating and looking for new forms of understanding of how the human mind works. Through the unexpected and sudden loss of two close family members she was given the opportunity to face life in all the questions of why and how to live. She decided to investigate and learn as much as possible about the human psychological process including her own. Studying to become a psycho-therapist and going on long solo walking trips throughout Europe created a new outlook and insights into how we can approach our often tangled emotions. The walking-therapy is one of the results and is highly effective for individuals who tend to stay in their thinking. It is appropriately called: Walking your Thinking