Dirk Stikker

Dirk Stikker

Founder & Director of MASTERMIND2.0
Addictions Specialist
Family & Systemic Psychotherapist

Cert. Residential Addictions Therapy. Dip. Addictions Counseling and Consultancy. P.G. Dip.
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. MSc. Family and Systemic Psychotherapy.

Dirk is a qualified and highly experienced Addictions Expert. He has been in this field of work for 30 years and worked in different countries and different settings. He worked for 13 years for the National Health Service in the UK at a specialized Alcohol & Drug Counseling Agency (National Center of Excellence). This Agency was for many the last port of call and he would work mostly with patients who were at the extreme end of the spectrum. During his time there he held the post as Senior Addictions Therapist and was co-founder of the Family Therapy Team within said Agency. The Team won two National Nursing Awards for Effectiveness and Innovation. As part of his work he would also provide consultation for Medical Doctors and Psychiatrist to advice them about appropriate medication for his patients, such as what to prescribe, frequency and dosage.

He started his career at a Therapeutic Community in the Netherlands where he was trained as an Addictions Therapist. He lived and worked there for five years during which time he has helped hundreds of people with addictions problems, mental health issues and those who had experienced severe abuse.  He currently lives and works in Greece where he has a private clinic and has developed specialized programs which take him to all corners of the world. He has formed cooperation with exquisite Spa Resorts in three countries.

He can offer his patients a truly holistic approach at the Resorts for signature Addictions and Psychological Well Being Program. Over the years Dirk has developed his own unique style of working with people. He is always looking for creative and innovative ways how best and effectively to support his patients on their exciting journey of Change.

Dirk was born and raised in the Netherlands. After he finished school he moved abroad and lived in different countries. His passion to help people stems from his personal journey and experiences with addiction. These have given him deep understanding about himself and others. He has learned invaluable life lessons from these experiences which are reflected in his deep compassion, empathy and human approach throughout his work and his personal life.

“When you only treat symptoms or only see labels you never get to meet the person. I don’t want to “treat” or “cure” people, I love to inspire people, for people to feel inspired”.