Lynnette de Weijer

Lynnette de Weijer

Director Bio-molecular & Genetic Nutrition Program
Neuro Therapist, Genetic Nutrition Expert, Amino Acid Therapist
Neurotherapy, Psycho Neuro Endocrine Immunology, DNA Masterclass.
Cert., Dip., MA.

Lynnette has successful private practices in the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.

Through personal and professional experiences she knows that many disorders are treated much more effectively through supplements, neuro feedback and exercise rather than with prescribed medication.

In her work she is very successful in helping people who suffer from depression, addictions, anxiety, stress, burn out and ADHD among others.

Lynnette collaborates with the best genetic screening laboratories to obtain an accurate picture about bio and neuro chemical imbalances and life style issues.

Through genetic screening she can implement a tailor-made nutrition,food and exercise program.

Lynnette had suffered debilitating symptoms in her early twenties but doctors could never find anything “wrong” and wanted to prescribe her a variety of psychotropic medication.

Instead she started to do her own research and found out about the importance of nutrition for a healthy and good functioning brain. With the right nutrition, combined with neuro feedback and perseverance she made a full recovery.

Through her personal journey and experiences she has developed a unique program and has successfully helped many people over the years.