Mike Mavrokordatos

Addictions Specialist, Psychologist
Dip. Psychology

“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You realize that you control your own destiny”

(Albert Ellis)

Mike Mavrokordatos was born in 1977 and was raised in Greece although his upbringing has been very much influenced by both Greek and Italian culture since his mother is half Italian from her mother’s side. Mike has traveled all over Europe and America for his business and life experience and he has a passion for learning about the world’s cultures and traditions whilst being exposed to different languages, sights and people.

He joined the Mediterranean College of Athens as an adult student to study psychology and counseling receiving the diploma (EQF) from the British certification body ‘Pearson Edexcel the HND’ (Higher National Diploma). The diploma, recognized and respected by professionals around the globe combines knowledge in the science of Psychology and expertise in the art of Advisory.

He is an experienced psychologist, counselor and coach with a humanistic approach based on love and positivity in therapy. He also has experience in family systemic and couple therapy plus with one to one sessions too. As a patient centered /humanistic therapist, he emphasizes the importance of an unconditionally free will and self-actualization in determining good mental health. He is an active and direct therapist emphasizing each patient’s needs individually.

During his career, he has taken part in several seminars based on sexual ID, addiction, self- confidence (ego, super-ego), weight control (bulimia), psychopathology, teenagers and parental consulting. For more than six years, Mike has developed himself using his own techniques and therapy alongside advanced therapists.

From his own life experiences and the progression of science, Mike believes that things can get much better once we can see a goal.