Nora Kontostergiou

Nora Kontostergiou

Clinical Director & Lead Therapist
Psychologist, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Addictions Specialist

Nora Kontostergiou is a highly experienced and qualified psychoanalytical psychotherapist. She works in the field of clinical psychology, dual diagnosis and psychoanalysis in the last twenty years. Her training and clinical experience is based in Greece and England.

She worked for the National Health Service in the UK for eight years at a specialist Clinic for addictions, dual diagnosis, couple and family therapy.

She is co-founder of the award winning service of family and couple therapy for the N.H.S for innovation effectiveness and creativity.

Her experience is focused on in-depth psychology, diagnosis, addictions, psychoanalysis, systemic approach, couples and family therapy, as well as art therapy.

She is highly interested in the creative versus distractive forces that seem to govern the inner psychic of each individual.

Her therapeutic goals are strongly directed towards the need to help the individual to come in touch with his or her inner creative forces of life.

Her psychoanalytic training as well as her long term ongoing personal analysis has offered her an in-depth understanding of herself and the general human condition and psychopathology.

She is currently working for Greek psychoanalytic institutions and she has her own successful private practice. Her love for arts, especially painting, gave her the motivation to study how art therapy can enhance the healing process in a creative, genuine and profound way. The individual can benefit by expressing and symbolising the inner language of the Unconscious in a non verbal way. It is a process that can be amazingly revealing and therapeutic.

She believes that addiction problems are more than they seem. Each addiction problem represents a corruptive pathway to the psychic that slowly and methodically corrupts the whole personality. The individual surrenders to the inner destructive, corruptive force to the point of annihilation. Therapy can be in most cases the only solution to this extremely difficult and deep rooted problem. Multidimensional and intensive psychotherapy can offer a fulfilling and life changing experience for any individual.