I have been in rehabs before but usually within 6 months, I would drink again. MASTERMIND2.0 and their unconventional programme helped me tremendously. Now, one year later and I am still doing better than ever

C.L.  UK

Thanks to all at Mastermind2.0 for their dedication and patience in helping me to overcome my alcohol addiction. As a functioning alcoholic for over a decade, I’d not realized how badly drink was affecting my family and career until my work started to dry up and my life started spiralling out of control.

After taking part in an unsuccessful counselling and recovery program at a clinic downtown, I was a little apprehensive about seeking help again especially at a 5-star luxury resort. However, the relaxed environment, therapeutic treatments, massage, and activities offered by Dirk Stikker and his experienced staff was beyond my expectations and provided me with an excellent foundation for my recovery from alcoholism plus my being sober today.


I had my doubts about the programme. At a resort and mingle with“normal” guests and being surrounded by alcohol??? It was hard, but now for the first time in my life I feel free.

J.N., UK

What an experience! For years I felt depressed and indulged in comfort eating. I have been to various psychiatrists and clinics. Sometimes I would feel better for a while but it never lasted long. A friend of mine told me about MASTERMIND2.0. Initially, I didn’t like the idea of going to a resort for therapy. Now, I am glad I did. It was a totally new experience and exceeded all my expectations. The combination of all the different treatments, the resort and the fantastic therapist has helped me tremendously. I feel good and confident.

A.H., Sweden

My wife and 2 kids came with me because my depression and alcoholism affected all of us. The family villa at the resort was perfect. It felt like a family holiday, but with a huge difference. The family therapy team and their work is just amazing. The DNA program, neurofeedback and being exposed to alcohol were the real game changers. Never seen that anywhere else. Stroke of genius. I don’t feel the need any more to drink. I am much better and as a family, we are very good now.


Drugs had unravelled my life. MASTERMIND2.0 helped me to put it back together again. The resort. The team. The casual atmosphere. Everything was perfect. My best decision ever.

E.K., UK

I undertook the MASTERMIND2.0 program for 4 weeks after I had come to the conclusion that I needed help with overcoming my addiction to sex & drugs. Dirk and the team made me feel very welcome at the beautiful resort and were extremely patient with me and my initially defensive and selfish behaviour. His approach to therapy was gentle and warm; he was especially good at creating an atmosphere in which I felt safe to feel and free to express.

He treated me like a friend, and thereby never excluded himself from the therapy. This I had not experienced with other therapists before, and it made our communication feel very natural and our bond grow strong.

He would draw examples from his own experience from which I learnt a lot, and he guided our sessions more as if they were conversations without any pressure for time or goal. This meant that all of the resistance I felt I was able to share with him honestly and learn to direct the fight inside. They helped me a lot with actually seeing the pain that lay behind my destructive behaviour, and re-directing my focus. Dirk responded to my behaviour with a caring and loving heart; this is how I could build trust in our relationship, and without any pushing, I then was able to make my own decision.

I am extremely grateful for Dirk’s generosity, care and friendship.  I would recommend the MASTERMIND2.0 program to anyone struggling with addiction issues; he has helped me tremendously.

T.S., Germany

For years I had terrible anxiety and panic attacks. I have been in and out of treatment but nothing really worked. When I saw MASTERMIND2.0 website I really liked the idea of being at a resort and was looking forward to spa treatments and enjoying the Thai culture.

They also did neurofeedback with me and that was an eye opener to really see what is going on. The best thing was that the therapists could see me and help me whilst I was experiencing anxiety. To go through it together with my therapist was so helpful and they helped me to understand what was going on and how to manage it.

They call it cue exposure therapy or something like that. Whatever it is, it really worked for me and I am not afraid anymore (8 months now since leaving).

V.G., France