Dirk Stikker

The inspiration to found MASTERMIND2.0 comes from my personal experience of alcoholism and my recovery.

As a teenager I was painfully shy and socially awkward. On top of that my grandfather was a very successful man and our family name was well known, nationally and internationally, in those days.

Wherever I went I was always greeted with “oh are you the grandson of Stikker?”. Over time I had no real sense of identity and I felt the pressure of living up to our name and to achieve great things in life.

When I was 15 I discovered alcohol and drank my very first beer. It was as if I had found my magic wand. I suddenly felt really good about myself and so very confident. But best of all I felt FREE.

Soon, the relationship started to change. It became more exclusive and all-consuming. I quickly started to lose control over my drinking.

By the time I was 18 I started to experience constant blackouts, getting into fights and could not hold down a job.

When I was 30 my grandmother rang the alarm bells. She introduced me to a friend of her, Albert Mol, who was a famous actor in the Netherlands. All I heard during the meeting was “…blablablabla…”. At the end he told me that there is a bar at the therapeutic community.

That was the only reason I decided to go there. To drink and party for 2 weeks. I ran away several times but eventually I stayed and completed successfully the 1-year residential addictions program.

I was then asked to stay and to be trained as an addiction therapist. All in all, I lived and worked there for 5 years. Life at the therapeutic community was very similar to “normal” life.

After 5 years I left and went to the UK. There I worked for 13 years at an Alcohol & Drug counselling agency, NHS-trust.

All these experiences are the foundations of, and underpin the programmes at MASTERMIN2.0

I used to love alcohol above all else. Nowadays, I love people above all else. We are social creatures and we thrive when we create meaningful relationships.

We are all unique individuals.That is why we prefer the personal and individual approach enabling us to give you our undivided attention and to get to know and understand the real YOU..

We want to inspire you and to provide you with the best.

Dirk Stikker