We provide highly specialized therapy for Substance and Behavioral Addictions, including concurring mental health issues, psychological problems, Social Phobias and Work/Life Balance challenges. The program is suitable for Individuals, Couples, Families and Teenagers. We only accept ONE client at a time. In other words there is only YOU and nobody else in the program.

Addiction is a complex phenomenon and needs to be treated with the respect it deserves. It comes in many shapes, forms and for different reasons. It affects a multitude of aspects of the individual and those around them. For some it is a rapid process, for others, it is gradual deterioration on a physical, psychological and mental level.

We most definitely do not think of addiction as a moral weakness. We view it as normal human behavior; as an attempt to alleviate or manage difficult situations, feelings and thoughts. Old patterns and habits can be ‘unlearned and we introduce new and different ways.

We advocate neither promote controlled use. However, we know that not every single person with an addiction has the disease. We also know from professional experiences and empirical research that the usual “one size fits all” approach can be actually counterproductive.

That is why we also incorporate Controlled Use as a viable treatment option. We can do this because there is only YOU in the program and nobody else. We only include it depending on personal and family history; addiction history; medical and psychiatric history and current circumstances. For obvious reasons, we cannot provide this treatment option for illicit drugs.


Together with our Medical Team, private Physician and Psychiatrist, we undertake a thorough assessment to identify and address issues and root causes. If needed we put in place medical and psychiatric interventions.

This can vary from a couple of days up to several weeks depending on individual circumstances. You, therefore, may decide to stay longer, depending on duration of “crisis” or “acute” management, to get the full benefit of the psychological part of the therapeutic process