We use a Bio-Psycho-Socio based approach and may include medical and/or psychiatric interventions. At MASTERMIND2.0 we also take great care of the brain with our dedicated Genetic Nutrition Program to correct any Biochemical and neurochemical imbalances. Furthermore, programs include daily Spa treatments and Complementary Therapies.

Throughout the day client and therapist anonymously and effortlessly blend in together as guests at the Resort. Due to the informal setting and relaxing ambience, it may not ‘feel’ as if therapy is ‘happening’.

In fact, this is when the most important therapy takes place. Our therapist has the opportunity to see our client navigating real daily life situations and gains valuable insights and deep understanding about our client.

It is unique that client and therapist get to spend so much time together especially in a social setting. We get to truly know you and truly understand you from a unique vantage point.

That is why our program is so effective, relevant, and profoundly meaningful. Furthermore, it thoroughly prepares our clients for daily life after the program.


Therapy-On-The-Go and Cue Exposure Therapy form the basis for our program. CET is a specialized and evidence-based form of Cognitive Behavioral therapy and is proven to be effective for addictions; a range of psychological and mental health issues and social phobias.

CET can trigger physical, emotional and psychological responses highlighting behavioral and cognitive patterns. We work with these as they happen and on the spot (TOTG).

The objective is to disrupt these responses and patterns; then to modify and change these. To be able to do this in real time with real-life events makes therapy very effective and profoundly meaningful.

The new experiences, insights and understanding gained through direct experience bring about changes on multiple levels.

Information from these experiences is processed on a cognitive level and positively “rewires” the brain. Cue exposure also positively desensitizes emotions and diminishes symptoms (e.g. cravings, phobias, depression).

The responses and patterns to these cues are as unique to you as your fingerprints. CET has highlighted these. That is why we can provide you with effective and practical relapse prevention skills and meaningful psychological coping skills customized to your unique set of responses and patterns.

CET combined with our unique approach. Therapy-On-The-Go ensures our programs provide the best possible chances for lasting success.