Psychological Well Being

We provide highly specialized therapy for Psychological problems and Mental Health issues, Social Phobias and Work/Life challenges. Our client is assigned a therapist from Team MASTERMIND2.0 whose expertise matches your specific requirements.

Our Well Being Program is suitable for those who experience issues such as stress, burn out, anxiety, depression, social phobias, relationship/marital issues and work/life issues but NOT addictions. For more information what treatments we provide go to “Therapies”.

At first glance it may look as if the setting is more conducive for some of the issues and less so for others such as depression and social phobias. The Resort and Spa is in fact the perfect setting especially for these issues.

In a traditional setting of a clinic clients are shielded from cues and triggers. That set up only temporally removes the ‘symptoms’. It merely provides short-term improvements because it does not address context, underlying issues and root causes.

Within a safe and therapeutic framework we expose our clients to cues and triggers for example for depression, anxiety and stress. We work with these on the spot and as they occur. Cue Exposure Therapy (CET) is more challenging but highly effective on several levels.

CET is a multi pronged and multifaceted intervention which enables us to work simultaneously on behavioral, cognitive, psychological, mental and physical levels. For more information: go to main “Program”.

The exquisite Resorts and Spas are the perfect settings for a wide variety of issues and life challenges. It enables us to provide you with a unique and comprehensive holistic Well Being program.

The program is challenging and intensive but from experience we know that the rewards are worth it. Healthy mind in a healthy and rejuvenated body, and a content soul. Taking care of Mind, Body, and Soul.


Postnatal depression
Social  phobias
Weight/Food management issues
Work/Life Balance
Burn out
Anger management issues
Chronic Pain
Sex and Sexuality
Marital/Relationship issues