5-Day Stress Relief Program

On request of MarBella Corfu Hotel in Corfu, Greece, we developed a unique 5-day Stress Relief Program to reboot the brain and provide a sustainable form of stress management, exclusively at the Hotel.

Maintaining a healthy mind and body in today’s chaotic world is complex, with an increasing majority of people feeling stressed and overwhelmed due to poor diet, lack of sleep and challenging life situations.

We not only provide guests with the ultimate way to de-stress mind and body but to extend the wellbeing focus in a discreet and private manner. We provide guests with a personalised practical set of skills to combat stress at the source.

Richardos Lellas, Hotel Manager of MarBella Corfu commented, “We are delighted to be working with MASTERMIND2.0 on what we see as a ground-breaking approach to combating stress, burn-out and simultaneously calibrating work-life balance. So many of our guests see MarBella Corfu as a retreat from their hectic lives and a place to de-stress and decompress. We want to offer them the holistic tools to return home and maintain that level of wellbeing and mental clarity they strive for whilst staying with us.”

For more information about the program and bookings contact us on info@wellbeing-mastermind.com or call us directly on +447724015304 or