Lorraine Eyre

Director of Communications & Executive Editor

Based in Athens, Greece, Lorraine is a highly respected journalist who writes for various websites, online newspapers, and magazines, covering an array of topics including Politics, Fashion, Beauty, Luxury Hotels, Spas, Yachts, Restaurants and Cuisine. She also deals with controversial subjects and works in the field of politics representing different governing bodies.

Throughout her career, she has conducted in-depth interviews with some of the world’s renowned business millionaires and fashion designers while covering a range of articles, including features on luxury travel and resorts, world news, celebrity lifestyles and exclusive global events.

She is a strong advocate for safe, secure, efficient and sustainable travel and utilizes her travel expertise to provide up to date articles and advice on world-class travel for those seeking the ultimate journey destinations and exclusive health resorts. She has also regularly written articles and updated website descriptionsfor some of the major hotels in Greece and is connected to companies around the world managing their press relationships.

Lorraine is well-known to friends and clients as maintaining a huge database of media contacts and successfully handles public relations for companies in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and China as a representative and overseeing communications. She possesses strong writing and editing skills, and is excellent in public speaking and giving presentations.

As founder of the non-profit charity, “Homeless, But Not Hopeless”, Lorraine fully understands the struggle individuals face when having to deal with substance abuse or alcoholism. Working on the streets of Athens with the homeless, she has learnt that substance abuse is both a cause and a result of homelessness, often arising after people lose their housing. Both issues need to be addressed simultaneously just as educating those on the street that drug counselling is just as important as finding food and shelter.

However, the truth is that substance disorders affect all walks of life from the destitute to the extremely wealthy. For that reason, Lorraine is thrilled to become part of the team of MASTERMIND 2.0 and hopes to make a difference to those suffering from an addiction of any kind.