Teenager's Addictions & Psychological Wellbeing Program

At MASTERMIND2.0 we not only have programs for adults. We also have an exciting program for Teenagers which is packed with activities. Like all our programs it is intensive and challenging, but due to the set-up and how we designed it, it feels more like a holiday but with important differences.

We help teenagers with the challenges they face in daily life especially with issues around addictions, social media, self-image, mental health issues, eating disorders, self-harming, body dysmorphic disorder, The program consists of individual therapy, but we strongly recommend coming as a family and/or with your best friend,  and includes a full medical checkup, a psychological and psychiatric assessment, genetic nutrition plan, spa treatments, meditation, mindfulness and many activities.

For more information about the program and bookings please contact us at info@addictions-mastermind.com or info@wellbeing-mastermind.com or talk with us directly on +447724015304