Why at Spa Resorts

From independent empirical research we know that long term success rates are low (35%) and high relapse rates soon after a program. This usually is explained away by suggesting clients do not ‘work’ the program, not ‘ready’ yet or as evidence how powerful this disease is.

We however believe it is because of the setting in which programs take place. We also do not think that every single person with an addiction has the disease. Our beliefs are underpinned by same independent empirical research findings which identifies several key reasons why success rates are so low.

Some of these research findings are:

  1. Clinics do not resemble dynamics of society and therefore clients are ill prepared for daily life after a program.
  2. Most programs use a ‘One size fits all’ approach which can be counterproductive.
  3. Many programs do not (enough) involve Significant Others such as spouse or partner, family, peers, colleagues.

We address these findings in our unique programs:


Clinics are void of challenges, dilemmas and temptations which we encounter in normal daily life. It can be overwhelming to return to all this ‘noise’ after a program and it should come as no surprise when somebody relapses.

That is why we take our programs into an environment which resembles the dynamics of society more realistically in order for our clients to be well prepared.

The Resort becomes the therapy ‘room’ and daily life itself becomes the therapy. This will provide the therapist with invaluable information and insights about you, which in turn will help us to help you in the most effective and meaningful way.


Most programs provide mainly group therapy with a ‘One size fits all’ approach.

For some it may feel as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and then get ‘blamed’ for being a square peg.

We recognize that everybody is different and have their own unique set of needs and circumstances.

That is why we work exclusively with one Client; one Couple or one Family at a time in our programs.

This approach enables us to implement a highly personalized treatment plan and make the program tailored to your specific requirements for a perfect fit.


We strongly encourage and recommend for our client to come with your Significant Other(s).

Our therapists are also highly qualified and experienced Family and Systemic Psychotherapists.

We work with couples, families, peers and colleagues which makes therapy even more effective and very rewarding.

In it together. Stronger together. Real Team work


It makes sense for it to take place at Spa resorts; therapeutic safe and controlled environments with therapeutically manageable levels of similar dynamics, challenges, dilemmas and temptations we encounter in ‘normal’ daily life. Furthermore, client and therapist anonymously and effortlessly blend in as guests.

Our unique approach, Therapy-On-The-Go, makes our program not only very effective, relevant and deeply meaningful. It also thoroughly prepares you for daily life long after our program.

Life at the Spa resorts enhances and accelerates the therapeutic process, Furthermore it complements and enriches your therapeutic experiences.

It is priceless that client and therapist get to spend so much time together especially in this informal and social setting. We get to truly know and understand you from a unique vantage point which makes the program so effective, personal and meaningful.

We could never replicate any of this in the ‘sterile’ and limiting environment of a clinic, or achieve the impressive results we have.

We can confidently say that one month Therapy-On-The-Go could compare with three months in a traditional program.