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Welcome to MASTERMIND2.0, where luxury meets recovery. We specialize in bespoke treatment programs for our high & ultra high net worth clients while redefining addiction and mental health treatment. Uniquely, we take our clients to luxury hotel & spa resorts around the world. Our innovative and ‘outside-the-box thinking’ creative programs are highly effective, very challenging, and intensive.

Reclaim You

Our ‘Reclaim You’ programs include cutting-edge science, such as Neurofeedback, Biomolecular and Genetic Nutrition Program. In our programs, we curate the perfect balance of treatment and integration. Indulge in a wellness retreat that tackles mental health issues, from alcoholism and drug addiction to depression, burnout, and anxiety.

What we treat

There are a lot of life issues that strain our mental health or can lead us into behaviours of addiction. Whether it is a QLP or Standard program, our team of specialists have finessed a level of expertise that can address all your mental health needs. With years of experience and empirical research, we can guide you through every struggle and empower your every effort. Contact us to discuss which topic you would like to address. Together, we’ll begin your bespoke wellness recovery.


Our addictions specialists and medical teams treat:

Dual Diagnosis
Drug addictions (illicit and prescribed drugs)
Compulsive eating
Sex compulsivity
Internet porn compulsivity
Gaming addiction
Love compulsivity

Mental Health

Our highly qualified therapists and medical teams treat:

Depression (including postnatal)
Anxiety and Stress
Chronic pain
Eating disorders
Body dysmorphia
Work-Life challenges


Bespoke & Exclusive

Our bespoke mental health programs take therapy to the resort. High-end psychological expertise paired with the security of luxurious environments fosters a smoother transition of recovery into daily reality. These private rehab environments can safely mimic the temptations of society whilst relaxing your mind and allowing therapy to unravel more naturally and effectively.

Mental health is individual and unique, therefore treatment should be as well. We exclusively work with one client at a time to tailor programs that cater to your individual needs. All of our energy and professional expertise is directed solely to you. You will have our undivided care and attention.


Pick from our selection or tailor your own destination

In the nature of exclusivity and individuality, we bring our programs into first-class settings of your liking. We have a global selection of luxury hotel and spa resorts, however you can also customise a program to a location of your choosing. Simply contact us and begin your bespoke recovery. 


Your team of specialists

Every program is lead by an entourage of professionals and specialists. Depending on the program (QLP vs. Standard) you are accompanied by a selection of therapists, physicians, and genetic nutritionists. We are experts in treating substance and process addictions, dual diagnosis, food issues, depression, anxiety and stress. We work on underlying issues, root causes, unresolved trauma and explore all areas of your life for effective treatment at our private psychiatry and mental health retreat centers. Our team carries a wealth of field knowledge and experience, but more importantly we have a passion for inspiring change and supporting your mental health progress.

MASTERMIND2.0 Programs

At MASTERMIND2.0 we integrate life’s temptations, challenges and distractions for meaningful, effective treatment. We know that the decision to address mental health is a very difficult one, and the process of reclaiming it even harder. That is why our programs fall into two categories that allow for varying levels of treatment immersion and tailoring. Take a step into your mental health with our Standard Programs or take a leap with our Quantum Leap Programs.

Bio-Molecular & Genetic Nutrition Plan

Body Meets Mind

Reclaim You with MASTERMIND2.0 

In our comprehensive treatment programme we also pay great attention to the brain. Introducing our revolutionary BIO-MOLECULAR & NUTRITION PLAN – where your body meets your mind and brain! Our cutting-edge program includes a personalized bio-molecular and genetic nutrition plan, complete with a DNA test that is crucial to restoring neurochemical and biochemical imbalances for long-lasting success in our holistic treatment center.

With our bespoke nutrition plan, you can rest assured that your body and brain will receive the essential nutrients and micro-nutrients needed to give you the power and energy you need to conquer your goals. Say goodbye to generic diets and hello to a customized plan that is tailored specifically to your unique genetic makeup.

Experience the difference that a personalized nutrition plan can make in your life. Join us on this exciting journey towards optimal health and wellness. Let’s unlock the full potential of your mind, brain and body together!

Quantum Leap Programs

Therapy Team (4-6 therapists)
Medical Team (physiciant)
Genetic Nutrition Program
Aftercare Program (tailored duration)
Flexible Luxury Accommodation
Daily Spa Treatments
Daily gym classes
and more

Standard Programs

Therapy Team (2 therapists)
Aftercare Program (25 online sessions)
Fixed Luxury Accommodation
Daily Spa Treatments
and more

Bespoke & Exclusive, our tailored made programs for individuals, families, couples, and young adults

Five Countries
Seven Luxurious Resorts


Champneys, loc.


Schloss Elmau, Krün


Grand Resort Bad

Ragaz, Bad Ragaz


Elysian Luxury Hotel & Spa, Kalamata

Euphoria Retreat, Mystras


Aleenta Hua Hin, Prandburi

Aleenta Phang Nga, Phuket Island


"I came here sad and alone, feeling that I was squashed underneath the booze and this caused me to be unable to express my feelings in a way that would be understood and heard. I was fed up of the blackouts, the not knowing what happened the night before. The constant feeling of when and where I would get my next drink all consuming. I knew that AA would not help this time as I needed more that just lecturing. I needed someone to understand me, to teach me, and see the real me and drag her out screaming (in the end only crying). I needed to understand what I really felt and what made me happy, but also what made me sad. Dirk has maintained that the only person that knows me is me and that all my feelings, whatever they are are real and should be expressed and not held back as unimportant compared to others feelings. I should be compassionate and understanding of myself. We talked about a support network and how I should reach out to these people that have offered their help (previously I have not wished to burden them with my problems). Also making a “toolbox” – ways to avoid drinking in different situations – even Star Jumps in the Pub. There are other tools to deal with this should I need them. I have written everything down and it helps remind me when I read them of how strong I can be. I have talked, walked and written. Everything seems so much clearer now and I so looking forward to the future. I am excited for the future where relationships with be honest and fulfilling. I look forward to being me again, the gentle, caring, loving and important person that I miss. But most of all I now know the meaning of being alive." - Jenny, U.K
“For years I had terrible anxiety and panic attacks. I have been in and out of treatment but nothing really worked. When I saw MASTERMIND2.0 website I really liked the idea of being at a resort and was looking forward to spa treatments and enjoying the Thai culture. They also did neurofeedback with me and that was an eye opener to really see what is going on. The best thing was that the therapists could see me and help me whilst I was experiencing anxiety. To go through it together with my therapist was so helpful and they helped me to understand what was going on and how to manage it. They call it cue exposure therapy or something like that. Whatever it is, it really worked for me and I am not afraid anymore (8 months now since leaving)”. - V.G., France
“I undertook the MASTERMIND2.0 program for 4 weeks after I had come to the conclusion that I needed help with overcoming my addiction to sex & drugs. Dirk and the team made me feel very welcome at the beautiful resort and were extremely patient with me and my initially defensive and selfish behaviour. His approach to therapy was gentle and warm; he was especially good at creating an atmosphere in which I felt safe to feel and free to express. He treated me like a friend, and thereby never excluded himself from the therapy. This I had not experienced with other therapists before, and it made our communication feel very natural and our bond grow strong. He would draw examples from his own experience from which I learnt a lot, and he guided our sessions more as if they were conversations without any pressure for time or goal. This meant that all of the resistance I felt I was able to share with him honestly and learn to direct the fight inside. They helped me a lot with actually seeing the pain that lay behind my destructive behaviour, and re-directing my focus. Dirk responded to my behaviour with a caring and loving heart; this is how I could build trust in our relationship, and without any pushing, I then was able to make my own decision. I am extremely grateful for Dirk’s generosity, care and friendship. I would recommend the MASTERMIND2.0 program to anyone struggling with addiction issues; he has helped me tremendously”. - T.S., Germany
“I had my doubts about the programme. At a resort and mingle with“normal” guests and being surrounded by alcohol??? It was hard, but now for the first time in my life I feel free.” - J.N., UK
“Thanks to all at Mastermind2.0 for their dedication and patience in helping me to overcome my alcohol addiction. As a functioning alcoholic for over a decade, I’d not realized how badly drink was affecting my family and career until my work started to dry up and my life started spiralling out of control. After taking part in an unsuccessful counselling and recovery program at a clinic downtown, I was a little apprehensive about seeking help again especially at a 5-star luxury resort. However, the relaxed environment, therapeutic treatments, massage, and activities offered by Dirk Stikker and his experienced staff was beyond my expectations and provided me with an excellent foundation for my recovery from alcoholism plus my being sober today”. - D.P., USA
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