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Taking care of mind, body, soul

Our signature Addictions Program is for those who have Substance or Process addictions, including Dual Diagnosis. Our bespoke Wellbeing Program is for those who experience, among other, mental health issues, social phobias, burn out and work-life balance challenges.


Our comprehensive programs include a Bio-molecular and Genetic Nutrition program, Amino acid therapy, Mindfulness, Spa therapies and more. Our qualified and experienced therapists together with our medical teams work on root causes, symptoms and related issues.


We are committed to offering you a unique, personal and successful experience. That is why we accept one client, couple or family at a time into our programs. In other words: there is only you and nobody else taking part to ensure a truly custom-made program, tailored around your unique needs and circumstances.


We have helped people around the world regain control of their lives and given them the confidence to know that nothing will ever be too much again.

We are MASTERMIND2.0; we are helping you to master your mind. We are helping you to reclaim you.


We developed a unique concept: Therapy-On- The-Go. It does not exist anywhere else and changes the face of therapy; how we think about it and how we do therapy.

Uniquely, our programs take place at luxurious Spa resorts which are therapeutic, safe and controlled environments that realistically portray the dynamics of society.

By adapting to the elements of the real world, we are preparing you for daily life after the program. We are not removing temptations, challenges and dilemmas; we are helping you to live with them.

We know that you are stronger than your problems. You can overcome them.

Furthermore TOTG accelerates the therapeutic process. One month with us could compare to three months in a traditional treatment setting.

Client and therapist spend ten or more hours a day together following a unique method that blends biological, psychological and social approaches to clear symptoms, uncover and heal related issues and work on the root causes.

Spending this much time together in a social setting is priceless. We get to truly know and understand you which makes the program so effective, personal and meaningful.

Our programs and innovative Therapy-On-The-Go concept are underpinned by decades of professional and personal experiences, empirical research, anecdotal evidence and best practices.

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We combine intensive therapy with an array of rejuvenating spa treatments and other complementary activities, all set within the secluded and exquisite surroundings of some of the most luxurious Resorts & Spas, which offers an immersive experience that helps soothe the mind, body and soul while arming clients with the tools they need to live life to the full after completing the holistic healing journey.

Anonymity is all yours. Together with your therapist you spend your time walking and talking among the resort’s guests, who are none the wiser about the reasons for your visit.


Alongside our intensive therapy sessions, we provide a tailor-made bio-molecular and genetic nutrition plan that can include amino acid therapy, crucial to restoring Neuro-chemical and Bio-chemical imbalances for lasting success. During your time with us, your bespoke nutrition plan will ensure your body and your brain receive key nutrients and micro-nutrients to give it the power you need.


Our Therapists take care of your emotional and psychological well-being. Our Genetic Nutrition Expert, private Physicians, Psychiatrists and Nurses look after your physical, neurological and mental health while the dedicated resort staff looks after your general well-being. Together we see to your every need. Taking care of Mind, Body and Soul.


We implement a bespoke treatment plan which may include medical and/or psychiatric interventions. It is an adjustable treatment plan because we work in real time. A truly individual, tailor-made program for a perfect fit.


We work closely with highly reputable international private Hospitals and laboratories.

Addictions program

We offer our signature Addictions Program treating a wide range of Substance and Process addictions, underlying issues and root causes, including Dual diagnosis.

Well being program

For our Well Being Program we offer therapy for a variety of psychological and Mental Health issues such as depression. In the Well Being Program we do not offer addictions therapy.


You will find more information about the Mastermind2.0 service, therapists and locations on the site. We understand it is a huge step, and our team is happy to discuss potential treatments with you in more detail through any of the below contact methods.

This is your program. From start to finish, you are our absolute priority. We are committed to offering you a unique, personal and successful experience. We are giving you back control and helping you get your life back on track.

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