Ariadni is a qualified and highly experienced mental health practitioner and psychotherapist. She has worked with people who face mental health difficulties in UK and Greece in a variety of settings for seventeen years. She primarily trained in the psychoanalytic approach and provided individual and group therapy in therapeutic communities for adults with moderate to severe mental health issues such as drug and alcohol addiction, depression and anxiety, abuse, domestic violence, self-harming behaviour, eating disorders and dual diagnosis. Within the safety of the therapeutic community, She worked with people to address their difficulties and find ways to help themselves in order to lead happier lives. This work included individual counselling, group therapy and experiential therapy outside the office in real life situations. Ariadni also worked as a Family Therapist in the NHS Crisis and Home Treatment Teams to help individuals and families in acute mental health distress as an alternative to hospital treatment. At the time she offered consultation and joint assessment to Psychiatry colleagues in in-patient settings and to the UK Social Services. She later on trained in systemic psychotherapy and focused on working with children, couples and families, specializing in couple’s therapy. As a National Health Service (NHS, UK) Highly Specialist, she also supervised trainees in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy and offered consultation to other agencies and professionals. Since 2008 she works in Greece privately, seeing individuals, couples and families, organizing and delivering workshops and raising awareness about mental health through the local press, TV and radio. She trusts that, through therapy, people can become more self-aware, work on addressing addictive behaviours of all kinds (alcohol, drugs, gambling, destructive relationships, eating disorders, etc) and become empowered. Her interest is in developing a holistic approach, tailored to each client’s needs. She uses her empathy, long experience and knowledge to develop a therapy plan with the client, couple or family. Ariadni believes that therapist and client embark on a journey together and, like Odysseus and his crew, they face a lot of challenges, winning some and losing some, but in the end getting where they want to be.