Our Programs to Suit Your Every Need

Standard Program 
You are unique

It is time to reconnect with your true Self. Embrace your imperfections and be a true friend to yourself. Our highly personalized and individual 2 week programs are suitable for those who experience issues, such as, addictions, depression, stress, burn out, anxiety social phobias, relationship/marital/family issues and work-life challenges. Our qualified team of therapists and experts use many different approaches, including the latest advances in science, such as, neurofeedback and DNA testing for our renowned bio-molecular and genetic nutrition plan to get your life back on track. The program is challenging and intensive but from experience, we know that the rewards are worth it. A healthy mind in a healthy body and a content soul

Couple Program 
The Art of Relating

It is an art to relate especially when addictions and mental health issues are involved. It makes it increasingly difficult or even scary to speak from the heart. Lovers have become strangers over the years, each sitting in a corner. Both wounded and hurting on this roller coaster. Over time anger, resentment and hurt have become the common language. We help couples to find a different common language and how to communicate what you really need from each other. We work on underlying issues and remove barriers to enable you to reconnect on a profound level. We will help you to create a nurturing, healthy relationship and emotional intimacy. The exquisite, informal and social environments contribute to this process and enrich your experiences.

Family Program 
Together we get up and stand tall

Your loved family are also affected by your addictions and mental health issues and need help as well. They can feel isolated and go through their own struggles. Each and everyone in the family needs help to unravel the complexities of many issues, gain clarity and a better understanding of Self and others in the family. That is why we provide a unique and exciting program for the whole family and reconnect. The informal setting and social environment makes it suitable for children of all ages. Our highly skilled team of family therapists and experts support and helps you to come out stronger individually and as a family.

Teenager Program 
Teenager’s Mystery Tour

At MASTERMIND2.0, not only do we have programs for adults but also an exciting program for teenagers, packed with activities. Like all our programs, it is intensive and challenging, but due to the set-up and how we designed it, it feels more like a holiday but with important differences. We help teenagers with the challenges they face in daily life especially with issues around addictions, social media, self-image, mental health issues, eating disorders, self-harming and body dysmorphic disorder. The program consists of individual therapy, but we strongly recommend coming as a family and/or with your best friend.

Traveler’s Program 
There is always time for healing

Traveller’s program is an extension of our unique Therapy-On-The-Go concept. The program is for CEOs and those who cannot benefit from our residential programmes due to their busy schedules. Whether you have an addiction or suffer from depression, anxiety, experience weight/food issues or need help with work-life challenges or relationship/marital/family issues, our therapists come to you anywhere in the world. We can accompany you on your business travels or even on your holidays. We work extremely discretely, in such ways that others are none the wiser. We adapt to your schedule and daily routines providing you with a custom-made program tailored to your unique set of circumstances and needs.